A Monumental Quarry for a Lincolnian Statue

It had been a long time since the last time I visited a Marble Quarry of this magnitude and for that I was very excited to visit this facility in Tate, GA. It has been in operation since early 1800's and it is the very same place that supplied the blocks for the Lincoln Memorial Statue. Some panoramic images of this impressive location can be seen @ Panorama #1Panorama #2 and Panorama #3.

Getting a Mist of Granite in Virginia

Many warning signs at the quarry main entrance.

Panorama of a very active quarry where Virginia Mist Granite is extracted.

Granite bock being trimmed using a wire saw.

Posing next to a fresh block of Virginia Mist Granite with my daughter.

The Empire Hole and a Large-Scale Quarry in Indiana Limestone Country

Underground Limestone from The Hoosier State

At one of the main galleries with Peter Addison (Center) and Steffen Waite (Right) from Red Leaf Group.

A Journey to the Center of a Marble Mountain in Vermont

Street Sign just about 1 mile before getting to the quarry.

Main entrance to the quarry.

Imperial Danby layer at about 200 feet underground and approx. 1 1/2 mile inside the mountain.

With quarry boss Luca Mannolini.

Blocks Yard .

End of my visit with a photo between white marble blocks.

"The Great Architect of the universe built it of good stuff." Jules Verne in Journey to the Center of the Earth

A Sandstone Quarry to Build a White House.

This 18th Century quarry provided Aquia Sandstone for the construction of the White House. 

Its deposits were found in Government Island (actually a peninsula) later known as "Public Quarry" as it was owned  by the federal government to shape public buildings.

Chisel marks are still visible in most of the quarry walls today.