An Old Dominion Quarry

In the heart of Virginia Piedmont and just about 3 miles from the Walton's Mountain Museum is one of the last American Soapstone Quarries: Part of the Alberene Soapstone Quarries that started operations back in 1880's.

Visiting the area and these quarries is a magic experience and certainly a great source of history for a stone supply enterprise that used to employ more than 2000 workers at a time, have been owned by Americans, a Finnish Company and Canadians and that has provided stone for significant places like the Lincoln Sitting Room Fireplace in the White House.

My first visit to the Old Dominion Quarry back in 2007 when it was being reactivated. Behind can be seen a bench freshly cut with its new Pellegrini Wire Saw at the time: It was the reborn of a classic.